Make light work of security

19 Sep 2019

Lighting for security

One of the simplest things you can do to help keep your property safe is to install security lighting

The last thing intruders want is to be able to be seen, so investing a small amount of money in front and back Garden security should pay off handsomely by detering burglars or vandals from snooping around your property

The are a huge range of lighting untis available and probably the best to go for are those with a PIR detector which will switch on when they detect movement. Whilst the best choice is a fitting which gives a wide bright light, to get an effective one you will really neeed to have it wired in to your mains electricity. However, there are a lot of Solar powered PIR lights available these days which provide a simpler and cheaper alternative as no electrical installation is required. Being solar powered of course, they cost nothing to run

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Safe keeping at home

18 Jul 2018

damaged door

It's a good idea to keep important property and documents safe in the house. Imagine the inconvenience and potential problems that could be caused if your Passport, Driving Licence or Birth Cerificate were stolen - or a prixe piece of Jewellery. You'll also want to keep Bank and Finance related documents secure to prevent the possibility of Identity fraud. Obviously, the first line of defence is to ensure that your house is kept secure, particularly when you are away from home, by fitting deadlocks, making sure all windows and doors are secure and leaving a light or radio on to trick would be theives into thinking you are in. But if burglars do get in, don't make it easy for them. Consider getting a heavy safe, and having it installed in a room in the house which has a lockable door if possible.

Firstly, this will make initial access to the safe more difficult for a burglar, and unless they are real pros, it should keep your valuables intact even if the get their hands on the safe. Most safes are fireproof and incredibly difficult to move, so as likley as not, your valuables should remain where they belong. You can buy a safe for around £100.

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Keep your car safe

26 Oct 2017

damaged door

Did you know that the more unusual your car is, the less likely it is to be stolen. Theives don't want to steal cars that are easily identifiable. Put some stickers or other decoration on your car to make it stand out from the crowd and it's likely to stay more secure

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Door Replacement

26 Oct 2017

damaged door

Please remember. If you are unfortunate enough to suffer a break-in, we are able to replace doors as well as locks if that's what is needed. Call us straight away and we'll get it fixed as soon as possible

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Wireless cameras

26 Oct 2017


Here's a very inexpensive way of improving security in the home

Very small cameras such as this one are inexpensive to buy, and because they work using a wireless signal, they are very easy to install. This one has a range of up to 100ft and will give you a good image of any activity around your house. The device sends a signal to a receiver which is plugged into a tv or recorder. Using multiple cameras, you are also able to select the camera view you want to observe by using a remote control.

It's a simple and inexpensive way to get started with external security cameras

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Holiday Security

27 Sep 2017


Next time you go on holiday or leave the home unoccupied for a few days, use timers for security

You can buy a pack of three timers such as this for about £10. Set them up in different rooms of the house to come on and off at various times during the day and evening, turning on lights and radios. This will give the impression that your home is occupied and should deter most burglars.

It's a cheap and simple way to help keep your home secure in your absence

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Ladder Secutity

11 Sep 2017


Do you keep a ladder in your back garden? If you do, you could be making it a great deal easier for a burglar to access an open upstairs window

The best thing to do is to get a strong lock and chain and either attach it to something fixed, or chain it to a heavy weight or even to a bicycle. This will make it very difficult to use unless you have the key. You'll be helping to keep yourself and your property safe

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Restricted Keys

22 Aug 2017


Next time you need a new lock fitted. Ensure your new lock as a restricted key. In essence this means that your key cannot be easily copied. The keys are effectively patented and can only be copied by an authorised agent of the lock manufacturer.

To copy the key, you would need to provide authentication as a signatory for the system. Also, because the keys normally have a feature unique to the manufacturer, most high street locksmiths would not be able to make a copy.

Whilst this makes obtaining a new key a little bit more of a chore for the house-owner, it eliminates any chance of your key being copied by a third party, meaning you can rest assured that the only keys for your property, are those which you possess.

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Cure Sticking Locks

24 July 2017

sticking locks

When you get a sticky lock, you will probably need to call in a pro at some point as the mechanism may have deteriorated, however, as a short term fix it is possible to lubricate them. Whilst you can use something like WD40, it can cause a mess and will only offer a short term solution. For a longer term fix, you will need graphite, which is the preferred way of lubricating locks.

Ideally, but yourself some graphite powder (you can alos buy this in a liquid suspension) and spray a little inside the key-way and onto your key. Try taking the key in and out a few times and turn the lock, it should start to free up.

Most people don’t have graphite around the home (though you can buy it at DIY stores). If that’s the case, here’s a little tip that could help you out of a jam. Take a pencil and cut away the wood to reveal the lead in the middle – this is graphite. Break off the tip of the lead inside the key-way and also draw all over the key with some of the lead (Not the key handle!) Put the key in and out of the lock a few times and then repeat the procedure. When you place the key in the lock, it will crush the lead into a powder and should begin to lubricate the lock so that it will turn properly again

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Security Glass

18 July 2017

tough glass

For improved security and safety, you could consider the type of glass in your windows. These days, most of the glass fitted to windows is either 4 or 6mm thick, will break quite easily when hit, and will form large shards of razor sharp glass as it breaks. So what are the other options.

Toughened glass is certainly a better option than the standard fitment and it should already be fitted in certain areas such as full length glass doors. Toughened glass is tempered by a process where it is heated and then rapidly cooled. This creates a very hard (but quite brittle) glass. It can be hit quite hard without breaking, and when it does break, it crazes and collapses in to small pieces which are not sharp to the touch. Toughened glass will not crack like ordinary glass. It is either intact or shattered, nothing in between. the nature of the glass makes it a good choice to prevent injury in the case of contact (such as a small child running in to it). Toughened glass cannot be cut to size, it has to be toughened after cutting

Laminated glass is far more durable than toughened because it is a composite of two pieces of glass with a transparent plastic layer between. When hit, the glass on one side of the composite will break, but it will not detach into a shard as it is stuck to the plastic layer. This means it will continue to be usable until repair, even once broken. laminated glass is also highly burglar/attack proof as it is very difficult to break through, even with a hammer! Laminated glass is fitted to all front windscreens of cars these days

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Get Smart about your Locks

19 September 2016

smart lock

If you haven't done so already, you should be considering fitting smart locks in your home. Here are some things you should be considering.

1) Do you have a deadlock fitted? If you don't you should start by getting one fitted. A deadbolt requires a key to rotate the cylinder and it's quite different from a spring loaded lock which is much less secure.

2) Check to make sure that your door closes easily without force. If it won't close easily, a smart lock may not be able to close it securely.

3) Make sure that the bolt recesses completely in to the door jamb. If it doesn't it could cause the smart lock mechanism to be ineffective, or even burn out the motor.

If your door and mechanism needs easing a little to ensure good operation, call in a locksmith or carpenter. It should be inexpensive to fix.

4) Have a good quality smart lock installed, you can have cheaper versions which are motorised and fix on to an existing mechanism, or, better still, you can get a completely new mechanism which includes the deadlock

5) Consider how you want it to operate. There are various types, so choose whether you want one that opens automatically as you approach, one that requires a code entry or even a touch sensitive system. Alternatively, some are mobile app controlled so that you can change their settings or gain entry using your phone

6) Consider the functionality of the mobile app. Can you have multiple users? Can you provide selected entry only at specific times for certain people? Does it log entry and exit?

7) Think about why you want it. Smart locks are certainly convenient and can give you the peace of mind that you can check their status whilst you are away from home, but they won't necessarily make your lock any more secure.

When you've though about all this, call in a locksmith. It's all about the security of your home and possessions; you'll need it done professionally.

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Smart Locks are here

11 July 2016

smart lock

If you want to bring smart security to your home, there are plenty of options available these days.

New locks combine a high-security mechanical cylinder with bang up to date. You can now unlock your front door by a pin code or by a remote control device, or, better still , via your smart phone or fingerprint. What's for sure is that you are not going to need a key in the future.

Many of the new locks are designed for retro-fitting, meaning you won't have to replace the entire lock, just the cylinder, which should keep fitting costs down. power is generally through very high spec rechargeable batteries offering a long life.

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We're In

16 June 2016

3 counties

We've recently been added to the Three Counties Business website, which highlights top businesses in the local area

We'll also be able to feature our blog posts on their business blog. It's completely free for businesses to join, so take a look at their website

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Locked Out

02 June 2016

You may or may not know that the Pont des art bridge in Paris has been known for its "lovers locks". Evidently, a tradition that first started in Italy was imported to Paris in 2008 and it involves lovers attaching a lock to the bridge as a symbol of their (inescapable, presumably) affection. This star-crossed grandstanding is then consummated by the key to the lock being tossed into the River Seine by the lovers.

Trouble is that the locks now amount to approaching 100 tons of additional weight on the bridge, and this has resulted in cracks and structural damage to the bridge, so sadly the tradition has now been banned by the city council. Of course, one nett disadvantage is that the cheap lock sellers who used to ply their trade in the bridge area, are now unemployed.

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