About Rocket locksmith Bedford

Northampton, Bedford, Milton Keynes, Cambridge

As a qualified and experienced locksmith, I work mainly in Milton Keynes and Bedford fixing unsecured windows and locks, and have done so for many years. I offer a range of services, from installing and repairing doors, windows, locks and garages, to fitting polycarbonate to secure your home or business.

In my former role as a Rolls Royce engineer I learned a great deal about reliability and quality workmanship and this is evident in my work as a locksmith. This, I hope, will give you the peace of mind you need when entrusting your security work to me.

I am confident that my work and the materials that I provide will be of a high standard and to your satisfaction. However, in the event that you have any concerns or issues that are not resolved to your satisfaction, please email me at: customercare@rocketlocksmith.co.uk. I will endeavour to respond to you within 3 working days


"I've saved myself a lot of money"

I was quoted well over £1000 by a company who told me I needed my entire door replacing. Rocket Locksmith took a look and repaired it for less than £100! Works as good as new, and I've saved myself a lot of money; very wise to get a second opinion!

Mark, Milton Keynes

"Very approachable"

Rocket Locksmith's advice about making my business premises more secure was eye opening! Roy was very approachable and easy to communicate with.

Tim, Northampton

"I Highly recommend"

I was helped out of a desperate situation when the lock on my garage broke. I needed to get in urgently, and Rocket Locksmith was very efficient in replacing it. I highly recommend his services

Judy, Clapham

"Came to the rescue"

Rocket Roy came to the rescue when my garage door fell off its hinge! Rapid response, fixed within a couple of hours. Very impressed.

Toby, Berkhamsted

"Friendly support"

My house was broken into (window smashed) and the ordeal would've been a lot worse, had it not been for Roy. As well as replacing the broken window, he ensured all others were made secure. Thank you for your friendly support.

Margaret, Kempston